2014 Season Preview: Center

Finally….the NBA season is upon us. The preseason is winding down and rosters are set. The Bulls’ season officially starts Oct. 29, on the road, against the New York Knicks. Before that game, we will preview the Bulls’ depth at each position.

Last time the power forwards were discussed, now the Bulls only viable option at center is Joakim Noah. The Bulls can rotate Pau Gasol at the center, but his responsibilities are different from Noah.

Joakim Noah 

(Photo credit blacksportsonline.com)

Noah is the defensive anchor of the Bulls. He is in charge of making sure that the defensive rotation are correct. Noah gives incredible effort, and he is the vocal leader of the Bulls. Noah has the guard the best post player on each team every night whether its Dwight Howard or Tim Duncan. Noah must stop those players from scoring and rebounding. Noah is also great at switching pick-and-rolls. He is not uncomfortable on the perimeter like most centers, and he has the speed to keep up with driving point guards.

On the offensive side of the ball, Noah is underrated. He scored 12.9 points per game and 11.3 rebounds. With the offensive struggles and injuries, Noah had to handle the ball more than any other center, and he averaged 5.4 assist per game. This year the Bulls will be able to spread the floor with four top level passers in Gasol, Noah, Derrick Rose, and Kirk Hinrich. The offense will be better, and with the tough defense the bulls roster will be a contender in the NBA.


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