Unrealistic Trades for the Bulls

ESPN trade Machine is the perfect way to fantasize about having a perfect team. The trade machine puts into consideration salary caps, so people cannot trade LeBron James to the Los Angles Lakers to play with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. Since the Bulls were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, this gives Bulls fans a change to remake the roster.

Kirk Hinrich and Jimmy Butler to Golden State for Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes

This trade give the Bulls offensive fire power. Thompson averaged 18.4 points a game with a Golden State team that is high powered offensively. He has incredible 3-point range, and is a better defender than he is given credit for. Thompson is still on his rookie contract therefor the Bulls can afford to get him at a cheaper price, than other players that can match his production. Barnes is an athletic small forward. His game can improve so much that it is no way to predict how good he will be with the right coaching. At 6-foot-8 Barnes can play the role Luol Deng or Jimmy Butler played as a go to defender. Barnes would not be depended on to do much offensively, so he can stay efficient on both sides of the ball.

Carlos Boozer to Oklahoma City for Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams

This is where Boozers massive contract helps the Bulls. He is due $15.3 million for the next two year. That total is close to the amount of two shot blockers in Ibaka and Adams. The two terrorized the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 and Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. They blocked and altered a lot of shots, and forced the Spurs to become a jump shooting team. Ibaka averaged 2.7 blocks per game last year. He also has the ability to hit the 15 foot jump shot with ease. That is the shot that Boozer was brought to Chicago to shoot, but lately he struggled from that distance.

D.J. Augustin and Ronnie Brewer to Nuggets for Nate Robinson 

Mike Dunleavy to San Antonio for Marco Belinelli  

 The Bulls decided to part ways with Belinelli and Robinson to save the team some money. The move costed the Bulls two ball handlers that can create their own shots. Augustin and Dunleavy were good throughout the regular season, but they could not make a impact through the playoffs to get the Bulls out of the first round. Robinson and Belinelli each won games against the Brooklyn Nets last year. Adding those two with Derrick Rose, give the Bulls a lot of room to create different plays on offense.


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