See Red MailBag June 7

The more I do this blog the more people want to ask me questions about the Bulls. I wanted to start a tradition like Bill Simmons, and do a mailbag every week. I know a lot of die hard Bulls fans so I decided to respond to a few questions.

Why didn’t Thibs  play (Tony) Snell or Jimmer Fredette more in the playoffs? The Bulls needed some 3-point shooting. Raymond from Chicago

Coach Tom Thibodeau is known for not letting players that do not know his system into games on a regular basis. Fredette was signed towards the end of the season, which made the likelihood of him playing key moments in the postseason out of the question. Tony Snell is a different situation. This is the same formula that Thibs used with Jimmy Butler. During Butler’s rookie year, he only logged 2.8 minutes a game. Snell will play more next year when he learns how to play as a Bull.

What kind of player would Michael Jordan be in today’s NBA? Alexander from Chicago

Jordan would be more dominate than he was during his time playing, because the way that the game is officiated has changed. Players are no longer allowed to hand check players at the top of the key. Jordan would get a lot of fouls called in today’s NBA. He was an 84 percent free throw shooter during his career. Jordan would get to the line as much as James Harden does, and that would add another eight points to his career average. That is a total of at least 38 points per game, so he will be the greatest player by a large margin.

Is Joakim Noah a good center because there are no elite center in the league?  Thomas from Denver

To answer the question you have to look at what Noah does for a team. He is a good at rebounding consistently, and passing the ball in the low post. He is not an offensive threat like Patrick Ewing was, but centers with that kind of skill set are hard to find. Most centers in the history of the league had to protect the rim, rebound, and set screens. If that is the criteria to judge a good center then Noah is a good center regardless.

Do the Bulls really need to get Carmelo Anthony to contend in the Eastern Conference? Or do they just need to get healthy and add role players? Joann from Bollingbrook

The Bulls need to add pieces on the frontcourt and backcourt. The Bulls do not just need Carmelo Anthony to be successful in the Eastern Conference, but they do need offensive weapons and depth. The Bulls need scoring badly they finished last in regular season and playoff scoring. Even with Derrick Rose’s return, the roster needs a superstar to regain their top ranking in the Eastern Conference.


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