Good Bull/Bad Bull: Joakim Noah is the Best Center in the NBA

Good Bull/Bad Bull is a discussion where the both sides of a topic are argued that pertains to the Bulls. Picture the discussion between the two to rival the good and evil angels that appeared on cartoon characters shoulders. The views and opinions of Good Bull/Bad Bull do not reflect Chicago See Red or any person in particular.

Joakim Noah The newly crowned defensive player of the year has a passion and drive few players in the NBA have. He plays the center position, that position has seen a decline over the years. With Roy Hibbert and Dwight Howard as Noah’s main competition at the position, is he the best center in the NBA?

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Bad Bull: Hibbert should not be in the discussion at all because of his inconsistency this postseason. No player that scores zero points in the playoffs should be considered the best at anything in the NBA. Noah is a good player, and he deserved to win defensive player of the year, but he is not the best center in the game right now.

The best center is Marc Gasol. The younger Gasol brother is a more complete player than Noah. The 7-foot-1 Gasol is a force in the paint. He uses his 265 pound frame to frustrate players on both sides of the ball. Gasol is a better offensively than Noah. The two point advantage Gasol has does not begin to explain his impact on the Grizzles. Gasol can be successful shooting the 15 foot jump shot. That makes defenses have to guard him when he is away from the basket. That opens lanes up and creates spacing for teammates.

Noah can hit the 15 foot shot, but only if its an emergency. He only shoots 37.7 percent from that distance. Noah also struggles outside the paint. He shoots a worse average of 35.7 from 5-9 feet away from the rim. Noah cannot be the best center if he is the void of offensive moves. Outside of crashing the offensive boards, Noah does not have a move to get him points in key situations. He often just puts his head down, and drive hoping to uses his quickness to get around a defender. Noah is defiantly a good center, but not quite the best.


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Good Bull: Noah might lack a go to move while on offense to score, but that does not disqualify him from being the best center, Despite the fact that Gasol is more polished offensively, Noah only averages 2 points per game less than him. The reason is because Noah give 100 percent effort on every play. He is always moving fast, and he is relentless on the defensive side of the ball. He can change a game with his help defense. Noah finished sixth this season with 11.3 rebounds, and of those 7.7 came on the defensive side of the ball. Noah ensures that teams have one shot per possession.

Noah is also the only center that is a leader on for a team. In the NBA, the leaders on the team are usually the players with the ball in their hands late in games, but that is not the case for Noah. Noah is the leader of the Bulls, because he gives his all every game. The other players on the Bulls see that, and they play similar. No other center shows the nonstop effort that he shows, or leads a team without leading the team in points. He is a professional, and does not complain about his team in public. No other center is as valuable to his team. The Bulls without Derrick Rose made the playoffs twice, but without Noah the Bulls are a lottery team.


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