See Red Mailbag June 3

After promoting the blog more. I have gotten an influx of emails about the Bulls. I will try to answer all the ones I can. My email is on my about page or you can just leave a question with your name and city on a mailbag post.

If you had to pick one player on the roster to start a team with who with it be, and you can’t use Joakim Noah or Derrick Rose?  Paul from St. Louis

Wow that’s a tough one, I’ll say I would go with Kirk Hinrich.  Despite my comments about how he is not a starting point guard right now he is the smartest player on the team. Hinrich is a player that fights for lose balls, and his attitude for winning influences a team. If I do keep Hinrich, the rest of the team has to be young and athletic so that the offensive can run smooth. I think Hinrich is a younger version of Derek Fisher.

You write a lot about free agency and who you want the Bulls to get who are the players you don’t want? Sam from Chicago 

I have a list of players the Bulls should not touch at all this offseason, but I am going to limit it to two players. Luol Deng is at the top, the Bulls won more games with Deng out of the lineup.  This is an example of addition by subtraction, with Deng gone the Bulls’ role players were allowed to play with the ball more. Taj Gibson and D.J. Augustin had bigger roles in the offense, and they flourished with more touches.

Amar’e Stoudemire is number two on the list. Stoudemire did average 11.9 points per game last year for the Knicks, but he has not played a full season since the 2009-10 season. His knees are almost as bad as Brandon Roy’s, but he continues to play on them. I love his heart, and willingness to play until he cannot anymore, but I do not want to see him in Chicago next year.

If Rose played the entire season, How far would the Bulls have made it? Carl from Chicago

That is almost impossible to answer, because the Rose injury directly caused the Deng trade. A healthy Rose would have made the Bulls front office keep Deng, and try to win with the roster they had. I think the Eastern Conference would have finished like this: Miami, Chicago,Toronto,Indiana,  Brooklyn, Washington, Charlotte, and Atlanta. I think the Pacers and Raptors would have had the same record, but the Raptors get the division winning tiebreaker.

All the top seeds would have one expect for Indiana. Miami would have beat Brooklyn in five, and the Bulls would have beaten Toronto in seven. Miami would have home court advantage, and I am predicting they win Game 1 at home. The Bulls win Game 2 and 3 to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Miami runs up three straight victories to take a 3-2 advantage in the series. The Bulls win Game 6 at home, only to lose in Game 7 in Miami by 15 points.

What is the worst case scenario for this offseason? Mike from Atlanta

The Miami Heat somehow getting more 3-point shooting. With LeBron James, Ray Allen, Norris Cole, Mario Chambers, and Chris Bosh, the floor is spread with shooters. The Bulls struggle enough trying to get out to those shooters on a regular basis, if the Heat keep all those players and add someone like Anthony Morrow then they could be unstoppable in the east.

What young team do you fear most in the Eastern Conference? Stan from Chicago

The Cleveland Cavilers without a question. The back court of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters is tough to matchup against. Then you add the fact that they have the number one pick again, they will make a big step next season. Adding a young wing scorer and a veteran leader will help them not only get to the playoffs, but win a round.



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