Good Bull/Bad Bull: Derrick Rose

Good Bull/Bad Bull is a discussion where the both sides of a topic that pertains to the Bulls. Picture  the discussion between the two to rival the good and evil angels that appeared on cartoon characters shoulders. The views and opinions of Good Bull/Bad Bull do not reflect Chicago See Red or any person in particular.


Derrick Rose The former league MVP is facing his second comeback from a serious knee injury in two years. As the fans prepare for The Return 2.0, the Bulls front office has to decide whether or not they can continue to build around a player that with questionable health. The Bulls failed to advance in the playoffs, and the argument could be made that their confidence in Rose’s health made them make poor roster choices.


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Good Bull: Of course you build around Rose, he when healthy is one of the most explosive players in the league.  He forces opposing coaches to gameplan around him. He improved his 3-point shot last offseason, which makes it harder for defenders to crowd the lane. However he does need help, The Bulls roster has no players that can create their own shot from the perimeter. Jimmy Butler often drives to the lane recklessly, and as a result he turns the ball over. A good wingman on the court is all Rose needs for the pressure to be taken off him offensively.Rose has a talent to take over any game in spurts, but he cannot do it for an entire game.

Joakim Noah is a key piece to the Bulls team, and he showed how effective he can be without Rose in the lineup. Going into next season, the Bulls have two players that can create opportunities for their less skillful teammates. Two players that are willing passers can help the Bulls make the next step in becoming contenders. It would be foolish for the team to give up on their best player now, because he has been injured. I would understand if he was not preforming well the past two years, but it seems counter productive to try to start over now. If the Bulls decide to move on from Rose who would they build a team around? Who would come to play here? Will Tom Thibodeau stay if they trade away Rose?

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Bad Bull: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, while expecting a different result. By that definition, the Bulls are insane to keep hoping that Rose will be healthy next year. The past two season the Bulls built a team that can play with Rose, but Rose did not play with them. The team has been stuck in the middle of the Eastern Conference playoff race. Their 48-34 record was the twelfth best in the league. That is far from being a contender to win a championship. The Bulls need to be bold for once, and trade to the Trailblazers for LaMarcus Aldridge and Damien Lillard.

Aldridge is coming into his prime, and he showed that with his performance against the Rockets in the playoffs. Lillard has the clutch gene, and he can take over the game on so many levels. They both are inconsistent defensively, but that is what Thibodeau is known for. Adding those players greatly increases the Bulls scoring, and pairing Aldridge with Noah in the post is a great way for the Bulls to play against Miami and Indiana in the playoffs. The honeymoon with Derrick Rose is over, it is time for a divorce.


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