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That moment was one of the defyingplays in NBA history. It capped an excellent NBA Finals and gave the Bulls their second three peat of the decade. However that shot also brought along the end of the Bulls era of dominance in the league. Almost immediately after that game the Bulls entire starting lineup left.

The result was years of horrible play and even worse teams. The Bulls would not go to the playoffs until the 2004-05 season. To best describe the “talent” the Bulls but one the floor I put together the worst of the era.

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Point guard: B.J. ArmstrongĀ 

The Bulls front office went nostalgic with this signing. During the early rebuilding stages, the Bulls brought in 11-year pro Armstrong to be a mentor to some of the young Bulls. Armstrong had been apart of the first three peat, but was drafted by the Toronto Raptors in the expansion draft. He refused to report and was picked up by the Golden State Warriors. When Armstrong returned to the Bulls, his impact was minimum. He played in only 22 games and averaged 7.4 points.

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Shooting guard Eddie Robinson

The Bulls signed Eddie Robinson to a 5 year deal worth $32 million after a great performance with the Charlotte Hornets in the 2001 playoffs. Robinson did not live up to the lofty contract that the Bulls entrusted him with. The athletic wing man never developed a jump shot, and was very one dimensional on offense. He also had did not get along with coach Tim Floyd during his time in Chicago. In three years in Chicago we averaged 6.7 points a game and only made six 3-pointers.

Small Forward Keith Booth

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Booth is an example of not drafting for the future. He was selected with the last pick in the first round of the 1997 NBA Draft. During the Bulls last Championship run he was behind Scottie Pippen and Toni Kukoc at the small forward position, and only played in 10 games that year. The next year he was trusted into the rotation at times, but he could not produce and only scored 2.9 points a game. He was cut that offseason, and that ended his career.

Power Forward Marcus Fizer

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Fizer was apart of the 2000 draft class so that does give him a pass. His number in a Bulls uniform were not horrible, He averaged 10.4 points a game while grabbing 5 rebounds a game. He was often injured, and never played an entire 82 game season. When he was drafted, many thought the former co-player of the year in the Big 12 would allow the Bulls to trade Elton Brand, but he never could play enough constantly to fit that role.

Center Eddy Curry

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In Curry’s defense the Bulls front office set him up for failure. He was drafted with the number four pick in the draft right behind Pau Gasol. The Bulls traded away Elton Brand for Tyson Chandler later in that draft. The two former high school players were suppose to accent eat other. Chandler was the better defender, and Curry could score in the low post. However the two competed with each other for playing time, and stunned each others growth. He was later traded to the New York Knicks for the pick that became Joakim Noah, so some good came from it.



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