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The NBA draft order is set, and despite the low odds the Cleveland Cavilers won their third draft lottery in four years.  The top of the draft means nothing to Bulls fans unless another lottery team reaches for an undeserving player. With two selection just outside the lottery in a very deep draft at a lot of positions the Bulls have no need to miss in the first round.

Some draft experts say that Bulls should take Tyler Ennis with either the 16th or the 19th pick. As written on here before, the need for another point guard in Chicago is at an all-time high. Kirk Hinrich is not the answer for a team that wants to contend in the Eastern Conference with Indiana and Miami. D.J. Augustin is a solid backup, but it is a high chance he will be in another uniform next year.

Tyler Ennis is the best point guard expected to still be on the board after the lottery teams finish their selections. Behind Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart, Ennis is the only player proven at the point guard position at the college level in America. The former Syracuse player will be able to give the Bulls options in the offseason if they want to keep any point guard on their current roster not named Derrick Rose.

The next need is filling the hole left by trading away Luol Deng during the season. When the trade took place the Bulls had to push Mike Dunleavy into the starting role. Dunleavy averaged 11.3 points a game as a starter last season. The issue with Dunleavy was that he struggled to shoot the three with consistency. He only made 1.5 out of four 3-point shots a game, and he did not get to the line either.

If the Bulls miss out on getting Carmelo Anthony this year the small forward position has to be addressed. UCLA’s Kyle Anderson seems to be the safest pick. He is tall enough to guard small forwards in the league. He has a tremendous wingspan even by NBA standards that measure at 7-foot-2 and a half.

Anderson played most of last season playing point guard at UCLA, which has helped his passing a great deal. The Bulls can draft him, and play a offense similar to the San Antonio Spurs’ where everyone on the court is an excellent passer. With a potential endgame lineup of Rose, Anderson, Anthony, Taj Gibson, and Joakim Noah, the Bulls will be difficult if not impossible to defend.


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