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With the Washington Wizards lost to the Indiana Pacers, I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I could not image the Wizards winning and somehow upsetting the Heat in a seven game series thinking that could have been us getting swept in the finals. Being in a good mood i finally decided to read some of the questions in my mailbag.

Who would the Bulls need to give up to sign Kevin Love? Would they rival the Heat and Pacers with Love? Jimmy from Elmhurst

 Well if the Bulls wait until 2015 the Bulls can sign Love as a free agent, because Carlos Boozer’s monstrous contract will be off the books. Now if the Bulls are in win now mode and try to trade for Love in the 2014 season the Bulls have to give up Boozer’s expiring contract and probably Taj or Jimmy plus draft picks to get Love next season.

Kevin Love is a baller. There’s no denying it. He’s extremely well-versed on the offensive side of the ball. However, Love isn’t known for his defensive prowess. Will that be an issue for coach Thibodeau? Montezz from Detroit

Thibs is an excellent defensive coach, and his philosophy is about team defense. Individuals lose a lot in one on one defense situations, but the Bulls help a lot on defense by either showing or trapping a player on the side line. Thibs can also has been able to make guys work in his system. Kyle Korver was considered a defensive liability during his time with the Bulls. He was been able to use the teaching from Thibs to become Atlanta’s best perimeter defender. I think the same can happen for Love, Also he will not have to guard the best post scorer on the other team.

You wrote that the Bulls need to add Tyler Ennis to serve as an insurance policy for D-Rose. But could Ennis ever be the starter if the Bulls feel they can move Rose down the line? Should the Bulls invest so much in the point guard position? Adam from Boston

As of right now I do not think the Bulls should favor Ennis over Rose. Ennis is a talented player and he fits the position of a true point guard, but his lack of athleticism makes it hard for him to lead a team full time. The NBA is moving away from the traditional point guard to a scorer that handles the ball. In order to matchup with the better point guards in the league the Bulls need Rose and keep Ennis as a backup.        


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