The Chicago Summer Sports Outlet


The White Sox beat the Cubs 8-3 in the third game of the four game series. This is the only series that the two teams will play in this year baring an all Chicago World Series. The summer is approaching and with the Bulls out of the NBA playoffs and the Bears far from training camp, the Crosstown Cup is a great outlet for Chicago Sports fans.

The May 7 game between the White Sox and Cubs was the perfect example of the love Chicago sports fans have. The two fan bases meet at U.S. Cellular field for an overall meaningless game. Neither of these teams are close to be the favorites to win the World Series this year, but that did not stop the fans from coming out to show the love they have for the sport.


Baseball has its critics that say that the sport is not popular anymore, but the fans still come to the stadiums. The Chicago sports fans are very passionate, and it showed in the involvement in the game.  With every hit and run scored it was a mixture of boos and cheers. The clash sounds made it difficult to know which team’s fans were louder that night.

The Mike Olt‘s home run in the top of the fifth inning made the concourse inside the stadium shake. The Cubs fanbase is often praised by others while the Sox’s fan do not get the same respect. A power ranking list the Cubs as the fourth best fan base in Major League Baseball, however the Sox are ranked twenty-seventh.

Despite winning the most recent World Series, The Sox are often over looked by baseball fans. The lack of respect from outside fans fueled the passion for the Cubs’ trip to the South side. Group of Sox fans berated each Cubs fan that they could. The biggest joke was a fan that brought up the 1908 World Series Cubs as means to point of the failures as a franchise.

The constant back and forth between fan made each moment in the game intense. The fifth inning was the peak of excitement, their was six runs scored, one home run, two dramatic strike outs, and a manager ejection.

Between these two fan bases, it became less about the game and more about who cared more about their team. The Cubs’ fans treated the game like an opportunity to claim the city as a Cubs town. The Sox fans used it as an opportunity to show that they tired of being disregarded in their own city.

This kind of back and forth between two opposite fan bases is usually reserved for the heated divisional rivals like the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. Two teams that are in direct competition with each other for playoff seeding. The two Chicago sports teams and their fans clash simply off pride and love for the game. The two are far from powerhouses, but you can not tell that to their fans that support  the teams no matter what.



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