Sox vs Cubs Inside the Cell


That is a golden ticket into an experience of the passion of baseball fans that do not care about records. Both teams entered the game out of the playoff pictures, but that did not deter the true fans of these proud franchises from meeting on the South side. The lack of attention the game is getting truly brings out the fans that love these teams, because not many casual fans would risk being rained on to watch two subpar teams play in a midweek series.

While approaching my seat, I see a mixture of White Sox, Cubs, and Blackhawk’s jerseys which shows that Chicago fans were there to support their teams. I arrive at my seat with the game tied 1-1 in the top or the third inning. The game looks like a repeat of the May 5 game between these two teams. The time between the top and bottom half of the inning, I was noticed a Cubs fan sitting above me.


The fan was in an playful argument with an entire group about how Jose Abreu is over-rated, despite the fact that he scored the only run for the Sox to that point in the game. The argument was not as filled with venom or hatred like notorious arguments at baseball games have been, actually if was the kind of discussion that close friends would have over a few beers.

Atmosphere in the air intensified in the fifth inning.  The Cubs started the inning trying to cut into the four run deficit. Mike Olt hit a home run to lead off the inning. After another run crossed the plate the Cubs had a chance to tie the game. With runners at second and third with one out the Cub fans were cheering their team on.

The noise was near deafening, it seemed as if the game was taking place in Wrigley. The Cubs fan that had been harassing any Sox fan was in screaming for a big hit. His wish did not come true, the next two Cubs players struck out and the threat was avoided. The reminder of the game seems to have more tense moments like this.


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