White Sox vs Cubs

The Chicago White Sox look to win game 3 in the cross town matchup.  The Cubs have struggled producing run support for their starters.The Cubs starting pitching has been stellar giving up one run per appearance. In the early part of the season the Cubs are 11-20, that puts them in last place in the NL Central nine games behind the Brewers.

With the back to back wins against the Cubs, the White Sox are now at .500. They are five games behind the American League leading Tigers.Despite the victories,  the Sox have struggled offensively. They are hoping Jose Abreu can drive runs in on at the top of the order.

The Cubs will send out Jake Arrieta to match up against Scott Carroll.  Caroll has a 0.68 ERA and a record of 1-0. This is Arrieta first start on the season.

The crosstown matchup between the two teams has lost its luster since the inception of interleague play in baseball in 1997 . The height of the rivalry came in 2006 the  year after the White Sox ended their World Series drought. A brawl ensued between catchers A.J. Pierzynski  and Micheal Barrett. During the play at the plate, Pierzynski ran into Barrett knocking him down. Pierzynski pounded on home plate, and for his actions Barrett punched him. A bench clearing brawl took place and the MLB suspended players and coaches.

Since then both teams have been mediocre at best posting a combined three playoff appearances since the brawl. Neither team has seen sustained success suffering through major lineup and manger changes. The series that use to be a home and home weekend series, now is alternates sites and takes place in the middle of the week.

The city is not even excited about the matchup any more, none of the games at U.S. Cellular field have sold out. It looks like dark days ahead for these two Chicago teams.


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