Bulls 99 Wizards 101 Reaction

What Happened? In a back in forth game the Bulls failed again to score enough points in the end of the game to come away with the game two victory. Coach Thibodeau’s forth quarter line up on D.J. Augustine, Kirk Hinrich, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, and Jokim Noah once again went through a huge scoring drought.

In a six minute span the Bulls blew a ten point lead. The Bulls forth quarter line up ran out of gas in the fourth and in overtime, now the Wizards go home up in a series 2-0 for the first time since 1982.  The defense was not the reason for the lost. Blame can actually be giving to coach Thibs for his inability to make changes when his team was struggling in the fourth.

Game changer.  D.J. Augustine in a negative and positive way. In the early part of the fourth, Augustine was able to create separation and hit shots to give the Bulls a lead. The offense was running through him, and he was able to create shots and opportunities for his teammates to score. The pick and roll between him and Noah was the vocal point of the Bulls comeback.

Augustine was exhausted as the game reached the critical moments. When the Bulls went on their drought late in the fourth, Augustine’s shots were shot and he could not run the offense. he played 41 minutes coming off the bench tonight.

Turning Point. Three straight possessions that the Bulls team was not able to execute because of fatigue. Uncharacteristic turnovers by Noah and Hinrich proved that the two were physically drained and that affected their play. Jiimmy Butler played every minute in a playoff game again and was limited to six points. The lack of flexibility in the critical parts of the game make a come back in the series seem unlikely to happen.

What’s next? Game three Friday April 25 in Washington D.C., The Bulls try to avoid going down 0-3 in the series. No team in NBA history has come back from down 0-3. 


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