Introductory Post

Scottie Pippen drives the lane dishes to Horace Grant, Grant finds a wide open John Paxton to hit the go ahead three to clinch the Chicago Bulls third NBA Championship in a row. I was five years old and that was my first sports memory. I remember crying, because of the excitement of the crowd around me. From that moment on I have loved the Chicago Bulls.

Before we go any further, you might ask yourself who is this? Why should I care? And why were you at a Bulls viewing party at the age of five? My name is Christian Jones, and I am a current student in DePaul in the Sports Journalism program. I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago so I have the passion of every Bulls fan, and just like most parties I do not recall why I was there I just remember the excitement.

My fandom started at an early age when I use to record NBA finals games with on VCR (younger fans will not understand that experience). It increased when I became older despite the Bulls horrid record after Michael Jordan retired. I have always loved the Bulls, but I DO NOT live in a fantasy world where the Bulls are going to win the championship every year.

I instead realize that most seasons the Bulls will be a good team baring injuries, but will not be elite. This blog will be a mixture of analyst on the current Bulls, interesting discussions about the past championship teams, and jokes about the horrible moves made during the history of the team. Posts will range from serious to absurdly funny (especially in the off season).

This blog will change for the sake of the fans. If it is a topic that you want me to cover, or an idea that you think will interest other fans, do not hesitate to let me know so I can try to insert it. This blog is a democracy so everyone will get a voice. This is a place where all Bulls fans can go to get content on their favorite team.

This blog will not be the typical blog that calls for firings or roster overhauls after a couple of bad games. That should encourage you to read this blog, because I am not over the top negative like other bloggers. I enjoy the fun aspects of sports, and you will get to experience my care free point of view. Bulls are the only team to be undefeated in the NBA Finals, so from my perspective the Bulls are better than the Celtics and Lakers. That is just an example of my way of thinking. Hope to hear from everyone soon See Red.


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